Sports Registration

Team Sports Registration 

Soccer, football and basket ball (Min 6 teams to start a tournament) (There are 2 separate competitions, the first, for up to Middle School and the second for high school and above (Maximum of 4 teams for each church for each those competitions) ).

Church name followed by A or B

The Team members are responsible to get shirts of the color chosen, it is not the Mahragan Committee's responsibility top provide shirts for sports

Choose a Color that is not on the list below
Team colors already assigned:

 - White
 - Blue
 - Neon Green
 - Neon Yellow
 - Light Blue
 - Red

Ping Pong and Chess Registration
For Ping pong, and Chess. There are 2 separate competitions the first for up to middle school and the second for High School and above (only 1 participant from each church for each of those competitions)